Professional Graffiti Artists

The Top 5 Professional Graffiti Artists From Around The World!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or have just started off as a graffiti artists and need to see the top dogs in the industry, these professional graffiti artists have very interesting stories and the type of graffiti art that they make!

  1. George Lee Quiñones: Simply known as Lee, this Peurto Rican adopted his love for art early as he started drawing since the age of 5. His career started off in 1974 when started painting graffiti in subways and within 2 years he made himself a legend, painting whole cars (125 in total) along with the huge pieces of his graffiti across the subway system. His works are displayed in major museums across the world to this day.


  1. Donald Joseph White: Donald Joseph White, AKA Dondi, is one of the members who had a lot of influence during the graffiti movement of New York City and still does today. As it was the 1970s and he was of an African-American descent, he faced a lot of issues with regards to racism and had to join gangs to keep himself safe. Although he took a government job in 1984, he began to indulge in his interest for graffiti too. Soon enough, he was making a name for himself and fast forward to today, he’s an inspiration to many modern graffiti artists. Some of his feats include painting 3 whole cars on the New York City Subway and having a one man show in Germany and Netherlands.
  1. Ben Flynn: Ben Flynn, more popularly known by his artist name Eine, is most known for his alphabet lettering on shop shutters in London which have been mapped for ease of finding. These expanded to areas like Newcastle upon Tyne, Paris and Stockholm as well. He started off his career in graffiti in the underground areas of London where he used some very unusual throw up to stand out from the other tags and some of those can be found in those areas of London in present day as well. His feats include being featured in London’s Time Out Magazine and his painting being presented as a gift to the then President of the United States Barack Obama by British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010.


  1. Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo: As a graffiti artist you might have heard of the OSGEMEOS (the twins) Otavio and Gustavo, the Brazilian brothers who are actually the ones who defined Brazil’s graffiti style. They started off as breakdancers, but soon left to become graffiti artists, with their early works reflecting the hip-hop culture in the early days of New York. Though trains were heavily guarded in brazil, they were invited in the 2000s to legally paint the trains. Some of their other feats include decorating the national soccer team’s official Boeing 737 plane during 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil and painting on 6 industrial silos in Canada which was crowdfunded and was their largest piece yet.